There once was a band that was named TJ Posse.  They were a group comprised of 3 members.  They formed the band in Huntsville Alabama in the early 2000’s.  The group met while all attending the same private school named Westminister.    The group chose to focus their musical talents in the area of Electronica and Rap.  The group’s main stars were named Taylor Johnson and Matt Parker.  From the beginning of their formation, the group really sucked balls.  You have to give them some credit though because they always believed that they were good (clearly not the case).  So, after rehearsing for a little over a year, the group released their first single titled “Plastered.”  The song was an instant disaster and was met with very poor reviews.  The bad thought about throwing in the towel.  They were being booed off of the stage and even being pummeled with fruit by on watchers.  Then they released the gritty hit “sixty four” as a response to the critics.  This song was even worse than their first.  The song was so bad, that the lead singer hung himself from the shower.

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